Revive Fitness

Revive Fitness class is a supportive environment for the community to come together to exercise and learn about health through a spirit, soul, and body approach. Our goal is to bring people closer to God, while exercising and having fun!

The Revive Kids’ class is modeled after the adults’ class! We do the same thing with kids in their class: exercise, talk about Jesus, and have fun!

We do not charge for our classes and are thankful to our generous donors for making them possible.

Interested in our classes? The type of workouts we do are full body, beginner level with modification options to decrease or increase difficulty.

Most fitness programs focus on the physical training and a few will combine nutrition instructions, but rarely do any combine the spiritual aspect of well-being. Our programs are designed to incorporate biblical based values to promote a healthy way of living by combining physical exercise along with nutrition guidance, and bible-based spiritual inspirations. If you are looking to join a family of believers who share the same love for fitness, nutrition, and passion for engaging in God’s word, then we would love for you to join us in our next session! 

Meet the founders

Welcome! We are Farah and Olivia and we’re so glad you’re here! We launched Revive Fitness in the Spring of 2020. Our love for fitness, faith, and nutrition led us toward envisioning an integrated approach to wellness. Our passion led us to create a unique health program designed to promote wellness in a supportive environment for the community.  Our vision is to approach exercise and nutrition based on biblical views to help promote wellness of the spirit, soul, and body. We aspire to create a culture that combines all aspects of wellness. We believe that for us to truly live a healthy life, we must find a balance between exercise, nutrition, and spiritual well-being. 

Three Pillars

Spirit. Soul. Body.

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Our program is made possible by partnerships with people like you! Are you interested in how you can help reach people for Christ? Well, we’ve found a way through health and fitness! Our classes combine physical exercise along with Bible-based spiritual discussion. By partnering with us, you can help people learn about health and get closer to God!

You can be a part of an inspiring culture that encompasses all aspects of wellness. Imagine a supportive community environment that integrates an approach to wellness, made possible by you! Through your partnership with us, we can bring communities together in fellowship, health, and encouragement with one another.